Steve Alfaro of Voto Latino at the inauguration in Washington D.C. (Courtesy Steve Alfaro)

Latinos tweet by tweet on Pres. Obama’s inauguration

President Barack Obama was sworn-in for his second term on Monday as millions watched on TV, online and in person. Latinos in attendance and on social media reacted to the inauguration festivities.

In the lead up to the inauguration, many enjoyed the Latino Inaugural 2013 celebration at the Kennedy Center.

Latino Inaugural photos courtesy, Jessica Sofia Valle, of Latinos in Social Media.

Even at sunrise, inauguration areas were packed. Photo courtesy Reynaldo Macias of Latino Rebels.


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Many, like Mia Espinoza’s parents, came from far away to enjoy the inauguration.

Steve Alfaro from nonpartisan Voto Latino shared his invitation to the inauguration and photo with friends.

At President #Obama #Inauguration Ceremony. #latism #VotoLatino

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Patricia Torres watching as the motorcade passed.

Many Latinos were inspired to see Sonia Sotomayor swear in Vice President Joe Biden.

During his speech, Obama made prominent mentions of gay rights, immigrant rights and women’s rights.

Richard Blanco, the first openly gay and Latino inaugural poet received rave reviews, as he trended on Twitter.

Gay Latino poet Richard Blanco

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Luis Leon, gave am inaugural prayer after Blanco spoke, which was not lost on many online who took note of the Latino representation at the inauguration.

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