Shooting at Lone Star College leaves 3 injured; Latino students describe chaos

Latino students at Lone Star College in North Harris, Texas, described today their horror as they ran from a shooting rampage at their campus.  According to authorities, three people were shot and 1 person suffered a heart attack.  One suspect is in custody and police are checking to see if there is a second shooter.

On the NBC affiliate KPRC, which was broadcast on MSNBC, students spoke on the phone about the moments after the shooting broke out.

“I was waiting for my English class to start,” said student Amanda Vazquez. “I heard shots fired and people started rushing in the hallway. A few students even came in to our room seeking shelter and we closed the door and we pushed the table against the door and we were hiding,” she said, adding, “You never think this is going to happen to you.”

Lone Star college student Santi Carmona, who is enrolled in the paramedic program in the school, tweeted to KPRC as the shooting unfolded.

Carmona tweeted that “…around lunch time we had people running in our class saying shots were fired by the library then instructor came in told us the same and we were on lockdown.”

As is often the case after school shootings, the incident will bring even more attention to the issue of gun control in the U.S. But Carmona didn’t waste time bringing it up while she was in the school.

One student asked someone to tell her mom she was ok and Elizabeth Rodriguez responded to her.

Don Clark, a former FBI agent, said on MSNBC that the college is located in a tranquil, wooded area.

Lone Star College is a Hispanic Serving Institution, meaning that over a quarter of its students are Latino. In fact, according to the 2012 Lone Star College System Student Demographics, Latinos represent 35 percent of the campus for a total of 6,637 students.

NBC News Pete Williams reports that the shooting was likely a gang-related incident that spilled onto campus.

Sandra Lilley, Ignacio Torres and Adrian Carrasquillo contributed to this report.

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