Menendez, Rubio among Senators questioning Hillary Clinton on Benghazi

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez presided over the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s hearing as Hillary Clinton testified on what happened when four Americans were killed in an attack on a U.S. embassy in Benghazi.

Menendez praised Clinton’s candor and cooperation in his opening statement but speaking of those killed, he said, “We honor their service to our nation and we grieve with their families, but we also resolve to take specific actions to prevent future incidents. It is my intention to work with members of the committee and department in the coming months on legislation that will improve security and better protect our employees.”

Perhaps previewing the 2016 campaign, where both are seen as perspective candidates by their respective parties, Florida Senator Marco Rubio thanked Clinton for her work before going into questions concerning the flow of information between departments related to Benghazi. Watch the video to see their back and forth.

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