Armed guards watch over students in Texas school

SINTON – Guards carrying guns, are now on patrol at all school campuses in Sinton, Texas. It’s part of the district’s plan to improve security and keep students safe.

Wednesday, parents dropped off their kids knowing that, for the first time, an armed guard would be watching over their children.

“They’re going to be protected. And especially the teachers are going to be aware of everything.” Norma Blanco, grandparent of one of the students attending a school in Sinton School District said.

And she’s not the only one. Despite the controversy over the concept, Sinton ISD Superintendent, Steve VanMatre, says he has received nothing but good feedback from the parents.

“There’s nothing that we do that is more important than keeping the kids safe. It’s even more important than teaching and learning,” said VanMatre.

VanMatre tells me, the school board was able to slightly expand their budget to help hire three security guards from a local security company, one for each of the campuses.

Steve told me, “We’re not going to let something that may cost a little bit more extra money, get in the way of keeping the kids safe and secure.”

“I’d give my life for any of these kids. I think kids are a precious thing,” said security guard, Kevin Pena who walked the hallways carrying a semi-automatic pistol in his holster in case anything terrible happen.

Pena says he’s training to be a police officer and that the opportunity to protect children couldn’t be a better job for him, especially after the shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

“Just to see the things that have happened recently, it makes you think, you know? Certain things like this, this calls for armed security at schools like this. We definitely do need it,” Pena said.

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