Two Texas friends just might be the strongest kids in the state

SAN DIEGO – If everything is bigger in Texas, then everything might just be stronger in San Diego, where powerlifting is becoming a way of life.

The defending Class 2A State Champions have every intention of keeping their title. And if friends Luis Lopez and Reno Perez have anything to say about the competition, the rest of the state better start bracing for second place.

This past weekend, Perez squatted an incredible 725 pounds, while Lopez has managed 750 pounds multiple times himself.

“People think we are obsessed but we just love what we do,” said Perez.

The great part about this dynamic duo is that they do everything together, even joking that they’re brothers from another mother.

“He practically lives with me. I take care of him,” said Perez.

Their story began back in sixth grade when Lopez moved in from Oklahoma. Luis even joked that when they met, Reno was more into skateboarding than sports.

“That was then, but now I think he is the strongest one here and he is a good leader,” said Lopez.

As partners in the gym, they find strength in one another.

“Reno is my motivation he does so much. He is my brother and he is a big thing in my life right now,” said Lopez. He added, “You know we do this together and we are gonna lift more, when we run together we run faster, we just build on each other. It’s like motivation, he flexes I flex, he says his legs are bigger I say mine are bigger we just build up on each other.”

The State Meet isn’t until the second weekend of March.

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