Dad of vandalism suspects apologizes to WWII veteran

HOUSTON – The father of the two teens that police say are responsible for burglarizing the home of a World War II veteran offered an apology to the 93-year-old on Wednesday.

On Monday, Elbert Wood returned home from a doctor’s appointment when he found his home burglarized and vandalized.

The father, Jose Gonzales, said he would like his 14-year-old and 16-year-old sons to help with clean up.

On Tuesday, radio talk show host Michael Berry pulled Marines together, along with some contractors, to help make repairs to Wood’s home.

Wood, who is also grieving the recent loss of his wife, said he’s been amazed by all the support and generosity from people he didn’t even know.

“I’m just amazed that there is so much kindness in this part of the country,” said Wood.

He told Gonzales that he wants to make sure the teens don’t do something like this again.

If you would like to donate money to Elbert Wood, head to Amegy Bank and tell them you would like to make a deposit into his account.

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