Four-year-old cancer patient helps improve hospital playroom with non-profit

EDINBURG, TEXAS — For the last year, Aryanna Joy Rodriguez, 4, has been battling a cancerous tumor. But what her family thought was the end of a long battle, turned out not to be over.

“This last MRI in November showed that this tumor had returned,” said Patty Rodriguez, Mother.

So Aryanna will be back at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance for more chemo treatments. But she’s excited to come back to one of her favorite places, the playroom.

“Can you scream? Let me hear you scream,” said Patty playfully.

“Ahhh,” yells Ayranna happily.

The playroom is a place she feels safe.

“Because of the toys,” said Aryanna Rodriguez.

It’s here, that Aryanna and her family came up with an idea to make this place of happiness even better.

“And we decided as a family to create a foundation or a non-profit that will be able to come back to the hospital and be able to bless children, be able to be with them, be able to give them hope in those times, in those moments that are harsh,” said Joe Rodriguez, Father and Non-Profit President.

It’s called ‘Hope in Joy,’ and the non-profit group will be bringing a positive change to the playroom; one of the only happy, stress relieving rooms in a hospital.

The non-profit isn’t just stopping at toys. They are actually adding a few more pieces of furniture, a new fish tank, and a few electronics.

It’s a way Aryanna can spread her idea of giving and pass on her motto.

“We never give up. And every good thing that could happen will happen,” says Aryanna.

If you want to help Hope In Joy, please contact Joe Rodriguez at 956-784-2016.

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