Man cleared in Texas college shooting wants apology from sheriff

HOUSTON – A week ago, Carlton Berry was arrested in connection with the shooting on the campus of Lone Star College’s North Harris campus. Now a free man after charges against him were dismissed, Berry said Tuesday he wants more than his name cleared by Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

“I would like an apology,” Berry said while still leaning on crutches.

Berry, 22, was one of three people injured in the shooting that occurred Jan. 22.

The request for an apology came one day after Garcia offered no remorse for initially naming Berry as the shooter.

“I’m not going to apologize,” Garcia said during a news conference Monday.  “I owe him no apologies. This is an investigation that is still in progress.”

That statement angered community activist Quanell X, who stood alongside Berry Tuesday outside the New Black Panther Nation Headquarters.

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“The right thing would be for (Garcia) to apologize,” Quanell X said.  “Legally, you don’t have to apologize, but morally (Garcia) should apologize.”

Berry added that it hurt him to hear his name being dragged through the mud by countless media outlets throughout the week.

“I’m a good person,” Berry said.  “I don’t run with gangs. I’m not a gang member. I attend school to further my education so I can have a better future.”

Berry also expressed his desire to return to Lone Star College as soon as possible to resume his pursuit of a college degree.

Trey Foster is the man who was ultimately charged in connection to the shooting.  He’s facing two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest. Foster remains in the Harris County Jail.

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