Senator Rubio and his wife are planning to move the family to Washington, D.C. to spend more time together. (Photo/Getty Images)

Marco Rubio’s family may move to DC

It could be goodbye Miami, hello Washington, D.C. for Senator Marco Rubio and his family. The Florida Republican Senator and his wife Jeanette have listed their home in Miami for sale and are thinking of moving to Washington, D.C.  According to Alex Conant, Senator Rubio’s press secretary,  this would allow the family to spend more time together on a regular basis.

“If he can sell his home in Miami he would be able to afford to move his wife and kids to Washington during the school year and still own a home in Florida,” says Conant.

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The Daily Caller website first reported on the possible move after seeing that the Rubios’ 4-bedroom home in West Miami was on the market for $675,000.  Conant says the Rubios have four young children, and while the Senate is in session the young Senator only sees them on weekends.  Senator Rubio and his wife Jeanette, who have been together since he was 19 and she was 17, have four young children under the ages of 13.

In a Politico article last May, the Rubios talked about their tight-knit family in Miami, where they live minutes from both their mothers.

“Our whole support network is here,” said the young Senator to Politico. “I mean, I’d like for them to be there, if we can work it out.”

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