San Antonio Auditions: Contestant Victoria Acosta on “American Idol.” (Photo/Courtesy Michael Becker / FOX)

Mexican mariachi singer steals the show on “American Idol”

If you needed confirmation that Latinos are in fact, taking over America, here’s the proof. Mariachi music officially stole the show on “American Idol” when Victoria Acosta took the stage singing the traditional Mexican style of music during the singing competition’s auditions in San Antonio, Texas.

Acosta started her audition by announcing she would sing a rendition of Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” The judges were noticeably enthralled with the brunette beauty, but were undecided about whether to pass her off to the next round.

“I liked it,” commented Keith Urban. “But I kept waiting for one more thing and I can’t quite put my finger on what that was.”

Could she, asked Randy Jackson, try singing mariachi music?

And that’s when Acosta shone, bringing smiles to the judges’ faces.

“You see the connection you have to that?” asked Jackson. “That’s the connection you need to have with the Fergie song.”

“I like this girl,” commented Mariah Carey. “It’s a yes for me.”

A round of unanimous “yes’” from the judges means that Acosta will be entering the Hollywood rounds.

“I started singing mariachi when I was 6 years old,” said Acosta, now 20. “My parents wanted me to be more involved more in my culture, so they got me in an all-girl mariachi group and I just fell in music.”

Acosta, who performs on San Antonio’s famed river walk, says she loves sharing her music and culture with area tourists.

“Getting this golden ticket means that I get to represent San Antonio,” said Acosta. “I’m just so happy!”

Acosta will be joined by Matheus Fernandes, who was given a golden ticket during the Long Beach auditions during the second hour of “American Idol.” His small size and big voice impressed the judges, who loved his story about overcoming bullying and adversity to achieve his dreams of becoming a professional musician.

Fellow “American Idol” contestants Tenna Torres,Lazaro Arbos and Isabelle Gonzalez will also be participating in the Hollywood rounds.

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