Telemundo Latin America news roundup – January 30, 2013

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds.

Police in Brazil are blaming a deadly nightclub fire on the music band that lit cheap fireworks inside. They have arrested four people in connection with the fire including the co-owner of the nightclub. President Raul Castro assumed the presidency of the community of Latin American and Caribbean states yesterday in Chile. The move is an effort by the regional group to demonstrate against the U.S. Also in Cuba news, Major League Baseball player Jose Contreras was welcomed by hundreds of fans in a public event, after returning to his native country after ten years. His visit comes after the passage of several new travel laws. Mexican officials arrested fourteen people from around the world yesterday that ran a sex-slavery ring near the U.S. border. The group recruited women to sleep with a man claiming to be the reincarnation of Christ.

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