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Woman shot in the face by Miami robber has bullet removed in surgery

A bullet lodged in a South Florida woman since she was robbed and shot in the face a week ago was successfully removed during seven hours of surgery Wednesday, … Read More

Undocumented immigrants rally to get driver’s licenses in NM

Undocumented immigrants and their friends and supporters rallied Wednesday at the State Capitol, fresh from a political victory over New Mexico Gov. Susana … Read More

Mexican mariachi singer steals the show on “American Idol”

If you needed confirmation that Latinos are in fact, taking over America, here’s the proof. Mariachi music officially stole the show on “American Idol” when … Read More

House members negotiate proposal on immigration reform

WASHINGTON -- A group of a half-dozen House members, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, is nearing completion of wide-ranging immigration … Read More

Telemundo Latin America news roundup – January 30, 2013

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds. Police in Brazil are blaming a deadly nightclub fire on the music band that lit cheap fireworks inside. … Read More

Opinion: Hagel would be good for Latinos as Pentagon Chief

I always sort of liked Chuck Hagel when he was in the Senate.  While I didn’t know much about him or follow his career closely, I knew he was a highly-decorated … Read More

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SpanglishBaby: The quest to raise bilingual kids never ends

Mami, hoy es January? That’s my 5-year-old asking from the back seat. I’m thrilled — finally the kids are getting the hang of time — the difference … Read More

Hot Latin restaurant: Chicago’s Chilam Balam

When diners sit down and open a menu at Chilam Balam in Chicago, Illinois, offerings beyond the usual burritos and taquitos await. Instead, regional specialties … Read More

“Bullet to the Head” actor Jon Seda on making his boxing dreams a reality and reuniting with J.Lo

In the new action thriller “Bullet to the Head,” Jon Seda plays Sylvester Stallone’s punch-throwing partner – the kind of guy who inspires loyalty. And without … Read More

[VIDEO] Meet the first Latino leader of the world-renowned Harlem Globetrotters

Kevin Daley, otherwise known as “Special K” on the basketball court, is 6 feet 5 inches and full of energy. He has to be, to play the most prominent role on the … Read More