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Low-income preschool students threatened under sequestration

From school hallways to the food on families’ tables, the budget turmoil in the nation’s capital may have a direct effect on Californians’ lives should Congress … Read More

Mom pleads for help finding her missing teen daughter

Miami Police are asking for the public's help in locating a teen girl who went missing Monday. Evelyn Rivera, 17, was last seen at her home, Miami Police … Read More

Students react to Pope Benedict XVI leaving Rome on his last day

Mexican students in Rome came out to St. Peter Square to watch Pope Benedict XVI depart the city for his final day as Pope. … Read More

Halt in detainee releases spurs reactions on immigration debate

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released several hundred immigrant detainees who posed no risk due to looming budget cuts, but halted the releases, … Read More

Bloomberg Businessweek cover blasted as offensive for depictions of Hispanics, blacks

Bloomberg Businessweek has sparked a torrent of criticism after its cover depicted exaggerated cartoon versions of Latinos and blacks greedily grabbing for … Read More

Some Hispanic congressional members breaking partisan mold

Congress is derided as an increasingly partisan and polarized body, but a handful of Hispanic Members are trying to break the gridlock. According to new … Read More

Marc Anthony and new 21-year-old girlfriend make relationship public at Disneyland

Disneyland is a place known to delight kids and it looks like Marc Anthony knows that all too well, choosing the theme park as a very public outing on which to … Read More

Puerto Rico considers changes to collapsing pension system

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rican officials on Wednesday proposed what they called "severe" cost-saving measures designed to help rescue one of the U.S. … Read More

Opinion: Los Angeles mayoral candidates blurring the lines of race and identity

Politics boils down to box checking. It’s not a perfect prediction, but the boxes we check on our Census forms—religion, race, ethnicity, sex, even region—do a … Read More

Meet the man behind the Pope’s red shoes

The red shoes are being retired. The Pope is giving up the trademark that briefly made him a fashion star, trading in his snappy ruby-red loafers for a … Read More