5th grade teacher accused of tying student to a chair

A 5th grade teacher is accused of resorting to extreme measures to discipline one of her students for acting up in class, and now the student’s family wants the teacher disciplined for her behavior.

The family says the student was tied up every day at school last week.

They’re calling it child abuse.

No writing 100 sentences on the chalk board, or just putting the student in the corner.

When this student acted up in class, his family says he was tied to a chair.

“You don’t tie up a child and take it to that extreme measure, because she humiliated him in front of the whole class,” says Rosanna Salinas, who is the legal guardian of her nephew.

She says he now has a hard time showing his face at school because of what happened.

Her nephew had been acting up in class, and wouldn’t sit down.

Salinas found out how he’d been disciplined when the teacher called and told her last Friday.

He’d been tied down to a chair with yarn.

“She says we were joking. I go, that’s not a joke. At one point, she said she made a mistake. My husband tells her, a mistake is one time. You did it for 4 days. She goes, but I let him go to the bathroom.”

Salinas was appalled, and complained to the school, Fresno Unified, and even Fresno Police in California.

“She treated him like an animal.”

She says all she’s gotten so far is an apology, but wants more.

“Everybody’s sorry. Nobody knows what to tell me because this is not heard of. This is the first incident that’s happened. They don’t know what to tell me. And what do I tell my nephew that has to go to school everyday and see her for what she has done to him?”

Fresno Unified responded to the allegations with this statement…

“Fresno Unified School District places the highest priority on the safety of our students and staff. The district’s human resource department has a robust process in place regarding teacher and/or student allegations. While you can be assured that all matters of safety are taken extremely seriously, personnel matters and the outcome of the investigations, due to privacy laws, cannot be shared with the public.”

“It’s child abuse and bullying. I mean, he was scared of her. He was so scared that he couldn’t even tell me.”

The student’s family says it is a case of bullying because the teacher intimidated the rest of the class by carrying out the discipline in front of them.

There was no further comment from the district.

The student has since been transferred to another class.

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