A viewer called the NBC News Denver station after seeing a bumper sticker saying “Illegal immigrant hunting permit” was being sold at a local gas station. ((Photo courtesy 9news))

‘Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit’ sticker sold at gas stations

EATON-A bumper sticker that jokes about hunting undocumented immigrants is causing uproar after it was sold at some gas stations in the area.

The sticker is titled “Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit” and says the words “No Bag Limit” and “Tagging not required.”

“I just couldn’t believe my eyes,” said a viewer of the Denver NBC News station, who didn’t want to be identified. The viewer emailed the news station earlier this week and said the stickers were sold at a Cenex gas station in Eaton, Colorado.

The convenience store is owned by Agfinity, Inc.

“I don’t know if we just missed one or two in there, but those were not supposed to be there,” an Agfinity employee said.

Agfinity spokesperson Mark Reinert said the stickers were removed over the weekend after customers started to complain on the company’s Facebook page.

Reinert said on Wednesday his company has no official comment on the stickers.

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