Mexican federal police undergo training in San Antonio

Mexican Federal Police are receiving training in San Antonio today, as part of a program designed to allow the FBI to train Mexican law enforcement in tactics to help turn around that country’s bloody drug war, 1200 WOAI radio news reports.

“Some of the scenarios, of course, include a shooting situation and a traffic stop,” said Sandy Gutierrez of the San Antonio Police Department.  The training is taking place at the ‘tactical village’ constructed at the Academy on the far south side to help officers train for urban settings.

“It enhances their tactics, their skills,” Gutierrez said.  “It is also officer safety that we are training them in.”

Mexico‘s new President, Enrique Peña Nieto, has promised a new direction for Mexico’s anti drug efforts, following the bloody miltiary crackdown ordered by his predecessor, Felipe Calderon, which left some 60,000 people dead.

Mexico is ordered specially trained police units, like the ones involved in today’s training, to take the lead in the drug war, and to focus more on stopping the violence.  Calderon’s solution, to go after drug ‘kingpins,’ was blamed for much of the bloodshed.

The program, called MALLET, or Mexican American Liaison and Law Enforcement Training, will mainly be conducted by the FBI, with local police assistance.

It does not involve any U.S. law enforcement officials going into Mexico.

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