Bills would let Texas liquor stores stay open on Sundays

MCALLEN — Two recently-proposed bills in the Texas Legislature may be adjusting the Texas blue laws. The goal of the House Bill 421 and Senate Bill 236 is to allow liquor stores to open and sell on Sunday.

“I think opening the sales on Sunday would bring so much revenue to the state. And I think it would give small business just a chance to flourish more,” said Catia Hernandez, Holiday Wine & Liquor.

Hernandez and her family are the owners of the Holiday Wine & Liquor chain across the Valley in Texas.

Currently Texans can buy beer and wine on Sunday, they can even buy a mixed drink in a restaurant. What they can’t do is buy a bottle of liquor.

And this has many residents upset.

“I think it is a great idea,” said Maryanne D’Angelo, McAllen resident. “Because why shouldn’t they be open on Sunday, let’s be open seven days a week. Walmart is, so why not the liquor stores, it’s their choice, if you don’t want to buy liquor on Sunday, then don’t come to the liquor store.”

“There are days that we are working here on Sunday, doing paperwork, and customers knock on the door and they say, ‘Hey let me in. I would like to grab my favorite bottle.’ And I reluctantly say, ‘oh, I can’t let you in.’ So they get in their car and they drive to Mexico,” said Hernandez.

Only being ten miles from Mexico, people can go and buy up to four bottles of liquor and then cross it back into the U.S.

“I am not necessarily trying to change the fabric of America, I am not trying to say be less godly. I am trying to say a regular restaurant gets to open on Sunday and sell tequila, I would like to as well,” said Hernandez.

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