Home design expert and HGTV host, Sabrina Soto. (Photo/Tim Coburn)

Six Figures: Home design expert Sabrina Soto got her job on Craigslist

Interior designer and host of HGTV’s “The High Low Project,” Sabrina Soto, says she found her first HGTV hosting job on Craigslist seven years ago.

“I woke up really early because I couldn’t sleep,” she remembers, still giddy about finding her dream job so serendipitously. “I looked on Craigslist, and they wanted someone with design and real estate experience. It was amazing!”

Although Soto had a background in real estate, she says her true love was home decorating.

“My mom was a decorator and party planner, and every weekend instead of hanging out with my friends,  I helped her — I loved it,” says Soto, who also changed the decor in her bedroom every year. “[My mom] helps me till this day if I’m stumped. I still call her for advice.”

She says while she was designing for the show “Real Estate Intervention,” her mom was her shopper.

“There is not day I wake up and don’t want to go to work,” says Soto. “I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love and hang out with my friends — my crew is like my extended family.”

She appreciates this so much, she says, because she remembers what it was like to not like what she did for a living.

“My favorite thing [about my job] is just to be creative, and the fact that I get paid to this is mind-blowing,” says Soto. “I get to go into people’s homes and improve them. It’s so much fun, and I get to do that week after week after week.”

Her personal taste tends to skew modern, she says, but every homeowner has their own aesthetic and needs. She often finds herself shifting from style to style — from ultra modern in New York City to a colonial home in suburban Long Island.

“Owners will show me colors they gravitate towards and pictures of their ideal look,” says Soto about her strategy. “It’s easier for me to look at pictures. I then compile all their information and give them their dream room.”

Although she’s mostly based in New York, where “The High Low Project” is located, Soto travels a lot for other projects. She says it only makes her miss her own home more.

“I’m very much a homebody– I love just vegging out,” says Soto cheerfully. “ I spend more time in my house than anybody in this world.”

That is, of course, when she has the time. There’s a lot more she says she’s planning on taking on soon — like having her own line of accessories and home products, and working on a second book on how to pair different textures and colors.

“I would also like to write a Latin cookbook,” says Soto, who recently visited her parents native Cuba and came back further inspired. “I have that Latin flair, and I want to show that other side of me as well.”

The multi-faceted hands-on designer, who has still yet to finish her college degree, says she doesn’t want to limit herself. She says her secret to being happy in her career is to never do what you do for the money, and take what you do seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

“If you really do believe it’s going to happen, it is going to happen no matter how far-reaching you think your dream is,” she says. “My dream come true would be to host a talk show…I love to talk to people about everything. My ideal job would be Kelly Rippa — I think she has the best job in the world — and then me.”

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