New procedure offers simpler treatment for retina disorder

MCALLEN, TEXAS  — The procedure took only five minutes. Yes, it involved an injection into this patient’s eye, but it’s quicker, safe, and potentially much less expensive than surgery.

“The condition is called Symptomatic Vitreomacular Adhesion … Or VMA, and more than are quarter million Americans are afflicted.”

This disorder affects the retina of the eye. It can lead to severe vision problems, problems that are frequently irreversible if left untreated. Early intervention is essential, and for many, surgery has been the only option. That is until today, when Dr. Victor Gonzales performed the first ever injection treatment for symptomatic VMA in the United States.

“There are a lot of patients out there for whatever reason were at high risk for surgery and have not had anything done; with this medication you may now have an option to correct that problem and hopefully regain some of that vision that you’ve lost.”

Dr. Gonzalez played a large role in developing this treatment, which was just approved by the food and drug administration only four months ago. Today’s first patient, who speaks Spanish only, now has hope of preserving her eyesight and avoiding future surgeries.

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