Shakira says she will be constructive to contestants, but out to beat fellow judges on the next season of “The Voice” on NBC.

Shakira: I’m out to beat the rest of the judges on “The Voice”

Colombian star Shakira, taking over Christina Aguilera’s place as a judge on “The Voice,” gave a preview of the way things will be in the upcoming season.

In all black clothes and black skyscraper heels, Shakira promised to be gentle to fellow judge Adam Levine, but only a little for starters because “you know men we gotta keep them on their toes,” she said.

Christina Milian said that at “The Voice” things get competitive and asked Shakira what she is bringing to the table.

Out of the three male judges on the show, Shakira says she is the most country of them all. “That’s right,” she said, even including country crooner Blake Shelton.

Shakira said she has an opinion for every single little thing.

With excitement on her face she said, “Now this is the opportunity to blurt out these opinions and be critical but in a very constructive way.”

“I’m the only girl here,” Shakira said, seeing it as an advantage.

“The only thing I hope for is that they underestimate me,” Shakira said, which Milian liked.

“Yes we are here to win I love a competitive girl… girl power,” she said, channeling Shakira’s competitive vibe that she promises to bring to the table when the show resumes in March.

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