These apps can help immigrants and those hoping to get their citizenship in many different ways.

5 super-useful smartphone apps for immigrants

As a result of the proliferation of smart phone devices, web developers have risen to the occasion and designed some very useful apps to help Latino’s and Spanish speakers understand US laws and the judicial organizations that enforce them.
5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants  tech 2 NBC Latino News  Derechos Herencia (free iOS)

This app explains the laws of the United States and the purpose and function of the various organizations such as Department of Homeland Security, the Police, Border Patrol and more. The app is easy to search and explains citizen’s rights in relation to that organization.

5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants  tech 2 NBC Latino News  VisaProcs  ($1.99 iOS)
As anyone who has contemplated filing a visa petition knows, there are dozens of variables in terms of country of origin, relationship and timing. This app provides you with the most recent visa bulleting and processing times for petitions and applications submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services –- which also has an excellent new website.

5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants  tech 2 NBC Latino News  US Citizenship Test Support ($4.99 iOS)

Do you know enough about the United States to be qualified as a citizen? This app helps you test yourself (and your friends and family) using the same questions that State Department uses to test new immigrants.

5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants  tech 2 NBC Latino News  Best Time to Cross the Border (free iOS)
When my father lived in San Diego, we experienced first-hand the traffic that goes along with the daily border crossing of millions of people from the U.S. to Mexico and vice versa. Border businesses rely on this traffic for survival, but commuters will welcome the convenience of better understanding rush hours and when to avoid the highways.

5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants  tech 2 NBC Latino News   USCIS Immigration Test Prep (free – all platforms)

Where was this app when I fretted over passing my Citizenship exam in 1995? This app prepares you for the naturalization civics exam with your smart phone. It includes handy flash cards representing all 100 civics questions as well as extra information about each question and answer.

Do you use an app we missed in this round up? Share it with us here for all of us to learn!

5 super useful smartphone apps for immigrants dsc7816 2 tech 2 NBC Latino News

Monica Vila is “Chief Technology Mom,” born and raised in Mexico and co-founder of The Online Mom, the market leader in providing online and off-line tools to make parents of kids K-12 smarter and more comfortable with the technology that touches their family. The Online Mom is a website, an online newsletter, a forum for discussion, a network of certified experts and a social community devoted to promoting a healthy understanding and appreciation for the positive role technology can play in a family’s life.


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