Pair of Marines reunite after 52 years

Lloyd Downey served his country for decades.

“I went to boot camp in October of 1961,” Downey said.

So did Nick Garcia.

“I joined the Marine Corps in October 1961,” Garcia said.

They did boot camp at the same time in the same place as part of the same platoon but haven’t seen each other since. You’d think after more than 50 years these men would end up miles away, but it turns out at a job fair they found each other a few tables away.

“I walked in here today and met this gentleman, who I haven’t seen in 52 years exactly!” Downey said.

They each volunteered at the job fair to support young veterans.

“The economic times are very difficult, they’re trying to get a start in life,” Downey said.

But instead they found a trip down memory lane.

“Remember that?” Garcia said.

It turns out they lived two miles apart but never knew.

They say their reunion reminds them of a promise they made years ago and kept.

“That’s the term, Semper Fi, always faithful to each other, to the corps, to God and country. It never goes away, we’re always there, always ready,” Garcia said.

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