Actress Eva Longoria reveals a surprising new passion. (Photo/Courtesy SHEBA)

Eva Longoria reveals surprising passion in new short

Eva Longoria has gone through several attractive men in the past year – Eduardo Cruz and Mark Sanchez, just to name two – but along with an interest in politics and film, the “Ready for Love” producer has revealed a surprising passion that may very well unlock the key to her heart for good.

Ready for it? Well, the 37-year-old Corpus Christi native is actually into …cats!

In a new commercial for SHEBA cat food, the actress is seen dancing alone in a beautifully furnished house, showing off some decidedly sexy Latin dance moves to the tune of “Come On A-My House” while her grey cat observes his owner enjoying the luxury of being alone.

Dancing is my passion,” says Longoria seductively during the 60-second commercial which premiered Monday night on ABC. “So is my cat …feed your passion.”

Longoria partnered up with the international premium cat food brand in their “Follow Your Passion” campaign, which showcases the passions of cat lovers around the world. And say what you will about her new passion, but there’s no doubt that the Mexican American star has quickly expanded her brand outside acting since “Desperate Housewives” ended in May 2012.

With roles in commercial campaigns for Canon and Lay’s Potato Chips, as well as a new steakhouse, several production projects and an ever-increasing interest in politics, the “GQ” cover girl has certainly become an enterprising business woman and media personality.

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