Ohio firefighter who lost foot to injury returns to duty

MIFFLIN TOWNSHIP, OHIO- A Mifflin Township firefighter returned to work Monday for the first day since losing part of his leg and foot in a motorcycle crash last March.

Anthony Torres has been through many tough times in the last year, so you could excuse him a bit if he had to pinch himself Monday.

Lt. Torres, a 12-year veteran in the fire service, checked in for roll call for the first time in nearly a year.

“It just felt right, so good to be back, can’t even explain it,” Torres said.

He has never been too far away from his brothers and sisters in the fire family. Many were on Torres’ watch since the accident.

“To have firefighters sit outside your hospital room, getting you and your family whatever you need, I can’t explain how grateful I am,” Torres said.

Monday, after a big ceremony with dozens of firefighters, family and others, Torres got to work as the first active duty firefighter in the state of Ohio.

“A year of hard work, it is why we are here. But he’s made it, ready for a more normal life, it is exciting. I’m proud of him,” said Stephanie Torres, Anthony’s wife.

The couple is expecting the birth of a baby girl in June –something that gave Anthony plenty of motivation to get back to work.

“My daughter, not even born yet, but I want her to be proud of her dad,” he said.

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