Here Venezuela Vice President Nicolas Maduro cheers a portrait of Chavez, whose death led to strong reactions from supporters and critics on Twitter (Getty Images)

Hugo Chavez dead: Admirers, passionate critics react on Twitter

The news of Hugo Chavez death swept Twitter as any big news event does, but most would be hard-pressed to think of anyone else as polarizing in life as he was. The difference in reaction echoed the gulf in how Chavez was regarded.

Initially, many were shocked about the news of his death.

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Some passed along news in Florida concerning Venezuelans.

But many on Twitter said Chavez was a leader who helped the people of Venezuela, including a New York congressman and a member of the Labour party in England.

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Still, those who disliked Chavez for what he represented and his career, were intensely critical and happy Venezuela can move on.

In his last tweet, Chavez wrote, “I still cling to Christ and trust in my doctors and nurses. Ever onward to victory! We shall live and overcome!

His opponent in the 2012 election and contender to be elected president, Henrique Caprilles Radonski, tweeted a message of unity for Venezuela.

“My solidarity with all the family and followers of President Hugo Chávez, we advocate for the unity of Venezuelans at this time,” he wrote in the first tweet, which was followed by, “In difficult times we must show our most profound love and respect to our Venezuela! Unity of the Venezuelan family!”

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