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Gina Rodriguez to star in Mexican banda-themed high school flick

Actress Gina Rodriguez made headlines for her performance as a rapper in “Filly Brown,” but she plans to keep the momentum going with the news that she’s been tapped to join a project featuring Mexican beats in a high school drama titled “Marching Banda.”

According to Deadline, Cima Productions – the production team behind “Filly Brown” – has cast Rodriguez as the single mother of a teenaged trumpet player, who helps shake up his high school band when his father suddenly reappears and teaches his band mates the rhythms of Mexican regional music.

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Rodriguez, a native of Chicago, is set to begin filming “Marching Banda” this summer with “Filly Brown” co-director Youssef Delara heading up the project.

While “Filly Brown” may have made its on-screen debut at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, this movie is about to hit theaters nationwide on April 26. The movie co-stars deceased Mexican banda singer Jenni Rivera as Rodriguez’s imprisoned mother and the two actresses forged a bond during filming that Rodriguez says she’ll never forget.

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“She was an angel,” Rodriguez told NBC Latino. “Working with that woman is something I’ll never forget. She taught me so much about music and about being real to yourself, to the people around you …that was the foundation of how we started everything – with truth.”

Along with “Marching Banda,” Rodriguez has several upcoming projects in the works: an independent film titled “Sleeping with the Fishes” and a solo album set to be released this spring.

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