Shakira is ready to win Season 4 of “The Voice.” (Photo/Courtesy NBC)

Shakira reveals secret ambition during first day on “The Voice”

The countdown to Shakira’s debut on U.S. prime time reality television is officially underway, and in a new interview shot backstage during the star’s first day on “The Voice,” the new momma reveals a very special ambition to online host Christina Milian.

“Who’s winning season four?” asks Milian, to which Shakira bursts into laughter and points to herself.

“Why not?” asks the Grammy award-winning artist.

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But it’s not all fun on the singing competition, as Shakira reveals in her sit down backstage alongside fellow new judge Usher during their first day on the show.

“You come here with a certain idea, wanting to find unique voices. Voices that are unmistakable,” shared Shakira about her approach to the reality competition. “But once you’re there, you have to roll with it and open your mind to new possibilities. Sometimes you are moved by a certain performance and you just want that person on your team.”

And it looks like Shakira – who gave birth to baby Milan in January – is counting on her secret weapon to be a trait that should serve her well in motherhood.

“Have an open mind, and change your game as you go,” reveals Shakira.

But does Usher – who has sold millions of R&B album and who has successfully mentored young artists including  Justin Bieber – have an edge over Shakira?

“There are many different ways of nurturing talent. I’m associated with Justin Bieber and being a mentor, so here’s an opportunity for me to do it in front of the world with 12 contestants and hopefully win ‘The Voice,’” explains Usher in the interview. “If not, [I want to] give a perspective and view of what you go through, what it takes to be an entertainer.”

And while the two superstars looks like they have brother-sister competitive banter down pat, the two revealed that their time on “The Voice” isn’t actually the first time the pair have worked together: they performed with icon Steve Wonder in an all-star performance of “Higher Ground” for President Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration in February 2010.

“The Voice” premieres March 25 at 8/7 c on NBC.

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