Singer-actor Ricky Martin. (Photo/Getty Images)

Ricky Martin goes vegetarian, gets chicken named after him

Ricky Martin’s got World Music, Grammy, and Billboard Awards under his belt. And now he’s got one more accolade to add to his long list of accomplishments: a rescued chicken.

That’s right, PETA Latino is sponsoring a rescued chicken named Olivia in the Puerto Rican entertainer’s name in honor of his meat-free diet. Olivia the chicken was rescued by Florida’s Kindred Spirits Sanctuary and now spends her days taking dust baths and relaxing in the sun. PETA Latino sent a copy of the certificate to Martin thanking him for saving the lives of countless animals like Olivia along with a picture of his new chicken.

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In a statement, PETA Latino thanked Martin for setting a great example of a healthy lifestyle for Latinos around the world.

“PETA Latino is delighted that Ricky is sharing with his millions of fans how increíble he feels as a vegetarian,” said PETA Latino Coordinator Renée Saldaña. “He’s not alone: People who go vegetarian boost their energy and cut their risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity—a major concern for Latinos, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention—and they help save animals like Olivia, too.”

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Martin has been living la vida vegetariana for several weeks now. He recently shared on Twitter how “amazing” he feels after cutting chicken, red meat and fish out of his diet. And the star isn’t holding out on his recipes either, sharing some of his vegetarian food alternatives on Twitter. He recently tweeted out a picture of his dinner which included cream of carrot, quinoa, rice salad, mashed vegetables, and a potato and sweet potato mixture garnished with sesame and coconut.

Martin recently told Details magazine that he is in a good place regarding his health and feels great.

“I go to the gym. I do yoga. I’m a father to two toddlers, and lifting them is a workout—this is biceps, this is triceps,” he said.

Though the singer hasn’t said how long he plans on being vegetarian or if the switch to a no-meat diet is permanent, he sure seems to be enjoying his new lifestyle.

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