New Texas charter school will start teaching students in 3 languages

A charter school opening in Arlington Texas will emphasize international cultures and languages.

The International Leadership of Texas’ curriculum will require students to master three languages — English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

“As a Spanish-speaking parent, that’s really important to me, but a third skill would open the doors and broaden their horizons,” parent Deyanira Lopez said.

“If our kids have the leadership skills and the language skills to communicate with over 3 billion folks on this planet, it’s going to make us more internationally competitive,” said Eddie Conger, school superintendent and former Dallas school district administrator.

“If you research the economics of Texas, our top three trading partners [are] Canada, Mexico and China,” he said.

Nearly 1,300 students from kindergarten to eighth grade will attend the school when it opens.

The school, which administrators hope to open by August, broke ground on Thursday. There’s already a wait list for grades kindergarten through six.

“It’s going to be a great thing,” Lopez said. “I’m really excited that my kids are going to [be] the first ones.”

School leaders are also planning a nearby high school and a location in Arlington.

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