One-year-old fights flesh-eating bacteria

A one-year-old boy is fighting for his life in a hospital bed. Doctors say the disease is a flesh-eating bacteria.

Matthew Guevara is a fun-loving, active little boy. His mom, Therahlee Guevara, says he especially loves football and cars. “He has this one car that does this song and he’ll sit there and dance,” said Guevara.

So when this normally happy little boy began crying in pain last week, Guevara says she knew something was wrong. “I didn’t know where or why, but I knew he was in pain, pain beyond just teething or any type of growing pains for a baby one year old boy.”

Doctors gave Matthew medicine, but the crying continued. Guevara took him again to the doctors on Friday, and then he was rushed to Children’s Hospital. On the way there a blister formed in his groin area. Then another blister formed, and a rash. Matthew went in for surgery and doctors diagnosed him with necrotizing fasciitis.

“It was just spreading, it was attacking him. It was eating out his flesh and attacking his body,” said Guevara. In the past few days Matthew has undergone five surgeries. Doctors are cutting out skin and tissue that’s affected.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster for the family. “Just taking it day by day and he still has a long way ahead of him.”

Guevara wants to tell other parents to not ignore a gut instinct if they think something is wrong. “I want to promote awareness and let people know that this deadly silent killer is out there and it attacked my little one year old boy.”

Now all the family can do is hope and pray that Matthew will get better.

The family lives in Lincoln and is traveling back and forth to Omaha to see Matthew. You can donate to help the family with travel and medical expenses by going to Wells Fargo. There’s a fund set up there under Matthew Guevara.

Doctors say at this point they don’t know what caused Guevara to get this disease. They say it is not contagious.

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