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T-Mobile new bet on no contracts: Win or lose?

On Tuesday T-Mobile’s colorful CEO announced with unusual candor a new way of billing for its services eliminating the requirement to sign a contract at … Read More

Coworkers pay forward $1 million lottery win

Jennifer Maldonado opted out of her new coworkers’ lottery pool but when they won $1 million of the Powerball jackpot, they decided to let her in on the … Read More

Opinion: Virginia’s voter ID law – a backdoor poll tax

Pretty much anything we do is taxed, whether it’s flipping on our cable, making a call on our cell phone or biting into a Snickers bar.  Taxes are … Read More

Immigration reform revives Cesar Chavez’s icon status

The closest thing Latinos have to a national holiday is Cesar Chavez’s birthday on March 31st. Cesar Chavez’s birthday is already celebrated in ten states, and … Read More

Eva Mendes wants people to focus on her acting – not whether she’ll become a mom

Eva Mendes – she of the sexy Calvin Klein ads and racy Maxim magazine spreads – now wants fans to concentrate on how she’s developed as an actress. That’s … Read More

Translator App saves lives

Nebraska's Grand Island Fire Department has a new tool that could potentially save hundreds of lives. The device has only been in service for about a week … Read More

Chef Spotlight: David Guas on Cuban-Creole cooking

Vitals: Born in New Orleans to a Cuban father and Louisiana native mom, David Guas is a chef whose food is as authentically southern as it is stick-to-your ribs … Read More

Fun and educational resources for celebrating Easter with your kids

For those celebrating Easter Sunday, take a look at our list of educational and entertaining books, crafts, and activities created just for this … Read More

Opinion: Immigrants staying together to get ahead

CHICAGO -- Thank you, US2010 Project, for stating the so-often misunderstood obvious: "Hispanic" is not synonymous with "Mexican." The project, based at … Read More

Obama on immigration reform: There will be a pathway to citizenship so people can achieve their dreams

President Obama says immigration reform is hitting the home stretch. In an interview with Telemundo's Lori Montenegro, Obama acknowledged a stumbling block … Read More