Actor Demian Bichir will be making his directorial debut in an upcoming indie film. (Photo/Getty Images)

Demián Bichir will make directorial debut in new indie film

Demián Bichir is using his experience in front of the camera to create magic behind the scenes as he makes his directorial debut with an indie film titled “Refugio.”

Bichir – who was nominated for an Oscar with his portrayal as an undocumented immigrant in “A Better Life” – will be directing and writing the screenplay for the film, which will begin production in the fall both in the U.S. and Mexico.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie centers on the story of a young man who leaves his life as a circus member to begin a journey to find his “long lost love.” Alex Garcia and Lucas Akoskin of BN Films will produce the film alongside Bruno Bichir of Escarabajo Productions.

The timing of Bichir’s directorial debut couldn’t be better, as the 49-year-old is quickly growing in popularity as a crossover success. He’s set to star in “The Bridge,” a new English-language drama on FX that will debut this summer and will next be seen alongside Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in “The Heat,” a comedy that centers on the exploits of a Boston cop and FBI agent working together on a drug case.

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