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Goya and Beech-Nut team up to create baby food with Latin flavor

When you think “Goya,” canned beans or hot sauce probably come to mind. Well, by the end of June, the company will also be offering baby food in stores throughout the country.

This week Goya announced they have teamed up with Beech-Nut to make baby food with a Latin flavor.

“The Beech-Nut/Goya line of baby food offers mom the best of both worlds,” President of Goya Foods Bob Unanue told Hispanic Business. “Hispanic moms, influenced by their abuelitas, oftentimes believe that healthy, traditional baby food can only be made at home using fresh ingredients.”

Goya determined that modern-day moms don’t have the time to cook from scratch the way their grandmothers did, so they decided to make it easier for them.

“Our new line of baby food is the perfect union that bridges Hispanic mothers’ desire for healthy, traditional baby food with their need for convenience and nutrition in today’s hectic world,” said Unanue.

And Beech-Nut saw this as a successful business opportunity.

“One-fourth of all births in America today are to Hispanics, so that any company hoping to grow their business must take their needs and tastes into account,” said Beech-Nut President Jeff Boutelle. “Because Hispanic families are also larger than non-Hispanic families, their purchase of baby food is 15 percent higher than for other demographics.”

According to a Beech-Nut study, two-thirds of Hispanic moms are not satisfied with the choices they presently find in baby food, and wished there were more culturally traditional flavors from which to choose. The new Beech-Nut/Goya brand offers 22 Latino flavors, including wheat, corn, oatmeal/bananas and rice/mango cereals; Stage 1 beef and chicken with broth, and Stage 2 jarred baby food, including guava, mango, apple mango, banana strawberry, peach mango, squash, banana pear, apple guava, banana peach, carrots and peas, carrots and corn, pear guava, and a vegetable medley with sweet potato, carrots and squash. The Stage 2 1/2 category has more texture, and will include banana/apple/plum, pear/apricot and rice pudding with raisins.

“Our research shows that Hispanic moms have been waiting for just such an offering, which combines the authentic, traditional Latin flavors Goya is famous for with Beech-Nut’s nutritious, natural ingredients free of preservatives,” Boutelle said. “Our products are as close as possible to homemade, and that’s very important to Hispanic families.”

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