William Levy rocks out as the new face for Pepsi Next

William Levy is a dad, telenovela star and crossover personality but it looks like there’s a lot more to Levy than meets the eye right away (that is, if you can focus on anything other than his killer smile and biceps), as he’s a playful guy who is thankful for the chance to make his box office dreams come true.

The 32-year-old – who was born in Cuba and emigrated to the U.S. as a teen – is experiencing a rapidly rising career. As a celebrity spokesperson for Pepsi NEXT, Levy’s face can now be spotted on grocery store displays, billboards across the country and in an upcoming national television commercial; he’s also recently wrapped up two English-language films, “Addicted” and Tyler Perry’s “Single Mom’s Club.”  Chatting from Los Angeles, Levy spoke to NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero about acting like a rock star on the set of his steamy Pepsi NEXT campaign, how his life has changed since his crossover breakthrough on “Dancing with the Stars” and dished about what fans can expect to see from him on-screen this year.

NBC Latino: You were photographed as a few different characters for this new Pepsi NEXT campaign. Which look did you have the most fun in?

Levy: I had fun with each one of them, but I have to tell you: I had the most fun with the rock star, the Casanova and action hero. [Because] when we did it, the director told me, you know what? ‘Just do whatever you want to do.’ So I was like, are you sure? She said, ‘you have the instruments, just do whatever you want!’ So I’m like OK, action! I started jumping all over the place, kicking everything — I just went crazy.

NBC Latino: Say you’re going to make a romantic meal for your significant other. There will be Pepsi NEXT, but what’s on the menu?

Levy: Make? What do you mean make? If I have time to cook, I’ll make something. I like cooking, I enjoy cooking actually. When I cook, I eat better.

NBC Latino: What’s the scoop on the English language films you’re working on?

Levy: We just finished two movies, “Addicted” and “Single Moms Club.” Great movies, one is a drama, “Addicted,” and “Single Moms Club’” is a romantic comedy… which has a really nice message for single moms.

NBC Latino: Why is it important to you to be involved with a project that has a message you feel strongly about?

Levy: Always, always. Sometimes I think in everything we do, we want a message. Either it’s a book or movie, or series. Or when you talk to somebody, you always want to send out a message.

NBC Latino: You’ve had a really fast rise to crossover stardom. How has your life changed since ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

Levy: I’m just really enjoying this moment right now. I appreciate everything that’s happened in my life. I always dreamed about this and it’s amazing to live it — I thank God every day for it. To be able to achieve things I want to do, and be able to come to the American market is something I always wanted to do. [Crossover fame] changed things around my life, but it hasn’t really changed my life. It doesn’t change who you are. My life keeps being the same. I just have more opportunities than before to help my family and the people around me. I’m the same guy: I play dominoes when I have a chance, spend time with my babies. Sure, you work more and have less time with them but at the end, you’re the same guy.

For more of Levy, watch our video interview with the smoldering soap actor.

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