Texas teen receives Bill Gates scholarship

SINTON — A Sinton High School student is one of a thousand students nationwide to receive a Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship that will help make his dream of going to college come true.

Anthony Sanchez, 18, is a senior at Sinton High School; the track athlete says this is one of the biggest hurdles he’s overcome.

“This is it, then I opened it up and then there it was the letter saying that I got accepted,” Sanchez said.

Back in January, Sanchez applied for the Gates Millennium Scholarship, along with 54,000 other students nationwide. He says 4 long months passed by before he got the news.

He says he was overwhelmed and had to make a call to the first person that came to mind.

“I called coach Whitehead from Trinity University telling him I got the scholarship, he was really excited,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez says it’s been his dream to continue his education while staying out on the track, and he had one college in mind for first choice.

“Trinity is a very expensive school and basically my parents said if I want to go I have to make it happen,” he added.

He says because Trinity University is a private school the tuition is costly, but with this scholarship Sanchez or his parents likely won’t need to pay a dime out of pocket.

“They are relieved they don’t have to pay for tuition,” Sanchez laughed.

He says his “X” factor that helped him shine brighter than every other applicant was his interest in overall education.

“There’s a term and it’s called Renaissance man and it’s the ability to do anything and to learn anything and want to do everything, I just like to do everything, recently I picked up welding, I do track and field, football, basketball, sometimes mess around with debate, I’m in band, mariachi band, jazz band, I just wanted to do everything,” Sanchez said.

He will move to San Antonio and enroll in school this fall and plans to study History and International Business.

Sanchez was one of three students in the region to receive this scholarship. His best friend from Odem High School in Texas was also awarded the scholarship and will attend the Universty of Texas.

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