Telemundo Latin America news roundup – April 30, 2013

A retired Venezuelan general has been charged with inciting post-election violence. General Antonio Rivero, was charged with “conspiracy” and “public instigation” after authorities showed a video of him helping coordinate protesters in Caracas. Former FIFA president and current honorary president Joao Havelange resigned after a World Cup bribery scandal. His resignation comes after a report was released showing three members of the organization taking over 1 million euros in bribes. Chilean businessman Laurence Golborne announced he will not be running for president after allegations of undeclared offshore assets. Golborne was one of the leading candidates going head to head with former president Michelle Bachelet. The Argentinian Maxima Zorreiguieta became the first queen from South America to take the throne. Her husband, Kind Willem-Alexander took throne today becoming the first king of the Netherlands in over a century.

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