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Should laws become colorblind? Supreme Court weighs in

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Rosario Dawson: I was hypnotized to prep for film

The actress talks about her role as a hypnotherapist in the new art-heist thriller “Trance” and says that going under hypnosis to prepare for the role gave her … Read More

Fergie to receive pro-LGBT award

Fergie is a pop singer the likes of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Janet Jackson and now the “Black Eyed Peas” singer has received an award for her work on … Read More

Opinion: Split in Republican party over immigration reform should be resolved

With bipartisan efforts underway in both houses of Congress to reach a consensus on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR), the GOP is now at the table and it … Read More

Opinion: With Chavez doodle, Google recognizes the demographic shift

Google Doodles have become a popular source of cultural validation in America over the years. Whether it be a commemoration of Copernicus, who conceived of the … Read More

Immigration deal at hand, focus is on the details

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Big business and big labor have settled on a political framework for an immigration overhaul. Now, the lawmakers writing bipartisan … Read More

Latina Leaders: Plus size model says she loves encouraging women to love their bodies

Denise Bidot always wanted to be an actress, but when she moved to Los Angeles from Miami at 18 to pursue her dream, she was told that her 10 to 12 clothing … Read More

A healthy idea: papaya power salad

There are power lunches, power couples and powers that be. But today, we're bringing you the Latino power breakfast salad—a strategic combination of some of the … Read More

What do you know about ear infections? Take a quiz and find out

There is nothing worse than hearing your child cry in pain with an ear infection and wanting to do everything to help them. Oftentimes that means demanding … Read More

Jenni Rivera’s legacy: 3 books tell her story, who does it better?

There were many facets to Jenni Rivera: she was a best-selling Mexican banda star, loving mother of five, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, advocate and friend. … Read More