[VIDEO] Romeo Santos says fans find him “more attractive” than he really is

Video by: Ignacio Torres

Latinas across the country will eagerly reach for their remotes on May 3 when Romeo Santos’s very first concert special hits the small screen, but the 31-year-old is pretty down to earth when asked about being the subject of adoration by thousands upon thousands of female fans who have crowned him the King of Bachata.

“I think the people have really supported me and my movement along with the guys from Aventura and now as a solo artist, I think that alone has made a lot of females find more attractive than I really am,” Santos shared during the red carpet premiere for his upcoming HBO Latino concert special. “I was in high school and I didn’t have the look I certainly have today. I take it humildemente.”

Santos’ journey – spanning his first performances as a kid in the church choir and teen years as a vocalist and songwriter for Latin music group Aventura – resulted in his emergence as one of the most successful Latin artists of his generation. In 2011, Santos released his debut album (“Formula, Vol: 1”) and his first solo tour cumulated in three sold-out concerts at New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden, launching bachata beats to the top of Latin music charts. And while Santos recognizes that he owes his success to legions of ticket and album-buying Latinas, he says his connection with fans is really all about the music.

“I think sexy is more of an attitude more than anything else,” Santos told NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero. “I think that I just try to have a connection with the fans, musically speaking.”

Although his bilingual HBO Latino special – titled “The King Stays King – Sold Out At Madison Square Garden” – features performances with the likes of Usher and P. Diddy that show off Santos’ crossover star power, the bachatero says he sticks to a decidedly down-to-earth mentality when it comes to his backstage routine.

“I always pray and I do have a lot of people in my camp that are family, like my uncles; one is a security guard,” says Santos.

“Some of them come and go, then they work with me again but I always have good friends and relatives [with me].”

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