(Photo courtesy Vanessa Wilson’s family)

Too Young to Die: Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson often did the “Wobble.”

The 14-year-old girl occasionally went to her mother and cousin’s place of employment — a spray vitamin company — when she didn’t have school and tried to master the hip-hop “Wobble” dance, which accompanies a song with the same name by rapper V.I.C. “She would have us all laughing around here,” her cousin, Nikki Adame, told MSNBC.com.

Vanessa was a freshman at Camelback High School in her hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. A shy teenager who acted goofy only around her friends, she eventually adjusted to high school and was prepared to join school clubs. Even though Vanessa was a “late bloomer,” Adame said, she was involved in ceremonies during the junior varsity football games, including running across the field carrying a flag. She recently became interested in baking and asked her cousin to provide lessons. For Adame’s birthday in February, Vanessa made a brownie cake, one of her first creations, which, despite Vanessa’s worries, everyone gobbled up “in a heartbeat,” said Adame, who is also Vanessa’s former baby sitter.

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