William Levy is on the cover of Latina magazine’s June/July issue. (Photo/Courtesy Latina Magazine)

[PHOTOS] William Levy shows off the reason why women adore him

If you need to come up with a reason for William Levy’s new-found popularity across America, we have two reasons for you: those smiles and those biceps! All jokes aside, Levy has proved himself as someone who can juggle English and Spanish language projects simultaneously, keeping one foot in the world of telenovelas that made him famous while earning millions of new fans with a new campaign for Pepsi, with back-to-back Hollywood movies on the way. And if there’s one thing the “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up wants you to know, it’s this: He’s ready to show America his star power – even in the role of Latin lover.

“Maybe in the future I’ll do something different, but for now I love showing Hollywood this side of Latin culture,” Levy shared with Latina magazine in an interview. “We’re not just one way. Some of us speak like this. We like to have fun, we can be romantic and we can be naughty.”

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As the smoldering cover boy for Latina’s June/July issue (which hits news stands on May 14), Levy got honest, sharing his thoughts on marriage (“some day”), giving back and why he’ll always be grateful for his new-found crossover fame.

William-Cover_QR (2)On giving back to the community: “When I came home [from donating more than 1,000 toys to children in Veracruz, Mexico, where La Tempestad is filming], I told my son what we had done for these kids. I made sure to use the word ‘we,’ as in us as a family, and he said, ‘That’s a lot of toys!’ I said, ‘Yes, it is, but it’s one toy per child. Think about how many toys you have.’”

On his responsibility to his telenovela fans: “All those mothers, grandmothers and muchachitas who watch me in the novelas and show me love on a daily basis, I can’t forget about them. I have to work hard for them.”

On his love life: “I do see myself married. I don’t know when, but some day I would like to be in front of the altar.”

On coming to the United States from Cuba: “Even things as simple as a trip to the supermarket were a shock to me, because I had never seen so much food in my life. Everything that I have today, I enjoy 100 percent. I’m grateful for it. I share it. I don’t waste it.”

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