Jenni Rivera’s son Mikey had a likeness of his mom tattooed on him in time for Mother’s Day. (Mikey Rivera, Instagram)

Jenni Rivera’s son has Kat Von D tattoo his mom’s likeness on his arm

Mikey Rivera, the son of Mexican icon Jenni Rivera, who died tragically in a plane crash, decided to honor his mom in the best way he could think of for Mother’s Day — by tattooing her likeness on him so he can always have her with him.

To get the work done, Rivera chose famed tattoo artist and reality show star Kat Von D.

“I love this picture because my mom looks so at peace and triumphant, and it’s from the album she released when I was young and always on the road with her, also my favorite album of hers,” he wrote in the Instagram caption when he posted the photo this week.

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Fans of Mikey Rivera have shown their love for the tattoo photo he posted to the tune of more than 21,000 likes and 800 comments.

Rivera also explained that his mom’s likeness was flipped from the image Von D was using. “I flipped the image because I wanted her facing me,” he wrote. “I don’t need to see her mole to know it’s my mother or for the image to mean what it means to me,” he wrote, adding the hashtag #JenniVive, or Jenni Lives.

Rivera also posted a photo of him with his child and his new tattoo, pictured.

mikey rivera jenni tatto with baby

As for Von D, she posted an image of the tattoo along with her thoughts. “Loved tattooing this portrait today!” she wrote on Instagram. “Flowy-hair-city!”

kat von d jenni rivera tattoo

The new tattoo comes ahead of Mother’s Day, when Jenni Rivera will be celebrated once again. An exhibit, Jenni Rivera, La Gran Señora will open at the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live on Sunday. It will include stage costumes worn by Rivera, photographs, handwritten notes and video footage tracing her legacy.

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