Mami real talk: Filled with gratitude on Mother’s Day

My oldest daughter, Sofia, celebrated her First Communion last Saturday and she looked like a walking angel.  She sang like one, too.  Watching her was enough to make me totally lose my composure and cry.  It was a moment of Sofia’s childhood that I will never forget.  A tremendous amount of planning went into the day; especially the French Macarons I made through the night to ensure a safe dessert because of her life-threatening peanut allergy.  At the end of the day, as I was brushing her hair before bed, she thanked me for working so hard to make her communion special.  I was touched by her thoughtfulness.  It was one of those mommy-moments that made me realize just how big she is getting, and the measure of her character.

I knew I was pregnant the first time 10 days into it, but didn’t immediately feel like a mother.  My very first sensation of motherhood was the flutter of a fish in my belly.  It was a glorious feeling that made me stop what I was doing to register what had just happened.  At one point in my life I had three children under the age of three, which was really chaotic at times, and mommyhood was hard.  I used to feel like my life was a daily marathon.  Now, I feel like the Pied Piper and life is much more manageable.  My children are 8, 6 and soon-to-be 5 years old — sometimes things still get crazy, but life with my monkeys is so much fun.

It is said that gratitude is the secret to happiness.  I am so grateful for the monumental times in my kids’ lives and all the small mommy-moments in between.  My little king, Lorenzo, tells me he loves me over and over.  Every time he says, ‘I love you’ it is so sincere and heartfelt.  He is full of goodness.  I watch my second daughter (Giana) just live, she skips everywhere and has this full-face smile that makes everyone around her happy.  She is filled with joy.  It is such a treat to be in her world.  Rather than looking forward to a Mother’s Day of praise, I always have to pinch myself because I can’t believe I am so lucky.

There are so many secrets that we develop during the sleepless boot camp of newborns and juggling of motherhood.  Those moments are our badges of honor.  Behind them are years of dedication, patience and kindness.  As women we have so much impact on our children, positively or negatively.  This role we have been given will display its legacy on generations.  Together in solidarity, mothers can share the little tricks we figure out to be the best version of ourselves for our mini-mes.  Coming together to support the next group of mothers will strengthen our community.

The commitment of a mother merits recognition every day.  Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Lucy, and all of the mamis in the world.

The key: Spend a portion of Mother’s Day remembering all of the incredible moments our children give us.  Then pause and soak up the gift of knowing children are a reflection of ourselves.

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Trina M. Fresco, Vice President of Operations for the IT firm since 2007 and NBCLatino Contributor, was named one of “50 Powerful Minority Women in Business” by MEA Magazine. Fresco is the Chair of the Chicago Foundation for Women Investment Subcommittee and serves on a number of additional boards & committees. Fresco resides Chicago with her husband, George and their three children Sofia, Giana and Lorenzo. You can contact her at or on Twitter @trinafresco.

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