Adriana Martin shares her favorite tips and tricks for recreating traditional Mexican dishes on her blog, Adriana’s Best Recipes. Pictured here is her recipe for shrimp ceviche, inspired by her memories eating by the ocean in Mexico. (Photo/Courtesy Adriana Martin)

Food blogs we love: Adriana’s Best Recipes

Who’s blogging: My name is Adriana Martin and I’m a Latina, born in Mexico, an immigrant with a story and U.S. citizen as a choice. I’m a wife, friend, step mom, grandmother and an animal lover.  My profession is marketing strategist but a chef at heart. I have tremendous respect for the food I serve to my family and friends, and every day I learn different flavors and tricks to include in my food repertoire. I love to read about food, recipes, and trends and I find it so much fun to go to new restaurants and watch famous chefs prepare food — all so then I can go back to my kitchen and start my cooking adventures!

Explain your blog name: My blog is named Adriana’s Best Recipes and I started it as a tribute to my abuela, Mama Licha, who was a wonderful cook whose recipes inspire me today. I wanted to share the recipes I grew up with, especially because as immigrants, our culture and values can be conveyed through food. I started cooking at home and pretty quickly my extended family both in the United States and in Mexico would ask for the recipe. So every time I cooked I would take pictures of the cooking process and the final product and share with my family. When I discovered the world of blogging, Adriana’s Best Rest Recipes was born and I hope the name conveys the fact that I’m sharing something really special.

Blogging since: I began blogging in both English and Spanish in June 2011.

Blogging from: I blog from home in Orlando, Florida, though my I get most of my inspiration in the farmers markets. I start each recipe by testing it several times and when I finally fine tune the flavors, that’s when the cooking starts and the magic begins. It’s a labor of love but a passion of mine so I enjoy it and even more so when my followers leave comments on how they loved the recipe.

Adriana Martin is inspired by her Mexican upbringing to create recipes that remind her of home.

Adriana Martin is inspired by her Mexican upbringing to create recipes that remind her of home. (Photo/Courtesy Adriana Martin)

Most popular post: My most popular posts are those that incorporate flowers, which you can use to create beautiful, delicious food. I have a guide to cooking with flowers and a recipe for tomato farfalle and basil flowers has been very popular. I also love to grill and some of my favorite recipes are for grilled corn soup and grilled chicken a l’orange. And when it comes to Mexican recipes, my most popular posts have been for my famous enchiladas verdes and shrimp ceviche.

What you’ve learned about food while blogging: I’ve learned that you need to respect the ingredients, making them the stars of the dish. My motto is “simple ingredients create masterpieces.”

Where do you get inspiration for your posts? I’m always inspired by the farmer’s market, where I can find fresh ingredients. I’m also inspired by both of my grandmothers, who passed to me their passion for making people happy through delicious food.

What have you learned from blogging: I’ve learned that you can touch the lives of many people through publishing a recipe. I’ve also learned that you need to train yourself,  take photography classes and learn cooking techniques so that your product results are better. I see my first blog posts from when I started and I definitely see an improvement! Shoot for the stars and always keep dreaming.

Where else can we find you online? You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.  I’ve also collaborated with Grilling is Happiness and Que Rica Vida.

What are your favorite food blogs? I love Nibbles and Feasts for great photography and simple ideas. I also love Sweet Life Bake for her great Mexican recipes. I also relate to Muy Bueno Cookbook because many of the recipes they publish are also the basis of many of my own childhood food memories.

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