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Rep. Gutierrez warns of “stalemate” on immigration reform

Top lawmakers in the House battled over immigration reform on Sunday. Rep. Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a member of the House Gang of 7 and a key player on … Read More

Jennifer Lopez stirs controversy with her latest performance

Jennifer Lopez's latest performance is stirring up controversy. Lopez sang "Happy Birthday" to the president of Turkmenistan during a show Saturday night, a … Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda donates thousands to arts initiatives

Lin-Manuel Miranda is giving back to his community in a big way. The Tony Award winning actor and composer will donate thousands of dollars to arts initiatives … Read More

On gay pride weekend, 3 LGBT authors you should know

In honor of gay pride weekend, we've put together a list of Latino LGBT authors to watch. Whether it is a story about struggling to reconcile with culture, or … Read More

Former Levi’s workers create own line, with a social justice spin

When the Levi Strauss jeans manufacturing plant in San Antonio closed down in 1990, more than 1100 workers were left to find a new job. Some found low-wage work … Read More

Opinion: Labeling obesity a disease may carry more weight than you think

Is obesity truly a disease that requires medical treatment and prevention, as the American Medical Association recently proclaimed? Or is it still more … Read More

Three undocumented LGBT youth honored at NYC Pride Weekend

Every year, the Colin Higgins Foundation grants three Youth Courage Awards to acknowledge young people fostering the next generation of LGBT leadership. This … Read More

Obama: House can pass immigration before August

President Barack Obama urged the House on Saturday to send him an immigration bill before August. Speaking during a news conference in South Africa with … Read More

Academy invites 22 Latinos to join its ranks

What do Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lopez, and Danny Trejo all have in common? These three stars have just received one of the most exclusive invitations in … Read More

Henry R. Muñoz attends NALEO’s 30th annual conference

Henry R. Muñoz III made history in January when he became the first Latino elected Democratic National Committee Finance Chair. Now Muñoz will join Latino … Read More