Iowa conservative Republican Congressman Steve King is facing backlash from top Republicans for his comments comparing DREAMers to drug mules (Photo/Getty Images )

Rep. Steve King tweets “brazen illegal aliens invaded” his office

Dreamers took to Capitol Hill this morning to push for immigration reform and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) was not too happy about it.

King, who vehemently opposes comprehensive immigration reform in the House, tweeted that “self-professed illegal aliens” had “invaded” his office.

He later followed with another tweet talking about border security and amnesty.

One of the young immigrants tweeted out a photo of the group at Rep. King’s office earlier that morning. The group was dressed in cap and gowns.

Rep. King, who is against the Senate Gang of Eight bill, proposed an amendment last week which calls for stripping away the Administration’s policy to keep Dreamers from deportation through deferred action (DACA). The amendment demands that the government force out Dreamers and passed the House 224-201 last Thursday. His amendment will likely not be taken up by the Senate.

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Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva released a statement in response to King’s tweets over his office visitors. In it he urged King to talk to the Dreamers.

“Poor Steve King. When Dreamers come to his office to address his attacks on them, he calls them invaders and hides under his desk. Don’t be afraid, Steve. They’re just like you. They love this country. They want the American promise to be available to everyone,” Grijalva said. “Talk to them, Steve. You’ll learn something about the United States.”

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