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Judge delays remedies in Joe Arpaio profiling case

A federal judge who ruled that Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio racially profiled Latinos is delaying implementing remedies in order to allow parties the time to agree on options. However, it is likely that a monitor will be assigned to the agency by the court in order to ensure that they are complying with the Constitution.

The federal monitor will have “significant authority” to oversee retraining of deputies among other changes at the office.

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“I do realize it is important for this court to recognize the sovereignty of the people of Arizona. … I intend to respect that,” Snow said on Friday. “However, the Constitution of the United States is supreme.”

Arpaio’s lawyer, Tim Casey, has said that while they agree with mostly everything in the judge’s decision, he strongly opposes the monitor.

“We believe it’s very important that this court be the ultimate arbitrator of what is approved and what is not approved,” Casey said Friday, indicating the sheriff’s office would rather the judge oversee reforms than a separate federal monitor.

Last May, a federal judge ruled that the Maricopa County sheriff’s office systematically singled out Latinos in its trademark immigration patrols. It was the first finding by a court that the agency racially profiled people.

A small group of Latinos initially sued the agency alleging that Arpaio’s deputies pulled over some cars only to make immigration status checks.

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