Telemundo Latin America news roundup — June 27, 2013

The latest Latin America news under 59 seconds.

Brazil’s senate approved a bill which will toughen punishment for corrupt practices as mass protests for wide-ranging reforms continue. Under the new law, those found guilty of corruption will not be eligible for parole or amnesty. Meanwhile, Brazil’s advancement to the Confederations Cup final was taintred when a protest turned violent on Wednesday night. People looted stores and lit trash on fire. Police struggled to maintain peace. In Mexico, family members marched through the capital city and prayed for the safe return of 11 young people who disappeared from a bar in broad daylight. Reports suggest no sign of a struggle. And a 100-year-old Mexican grandmother finally graduated from primary school this week. Manuela Hernandez had to give up her studies as a child to help her impoverished family. Her granddaughter pushed her to resume her studies this past October.

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