Henry Muñoz III, one of President Obama’s most influential Latino fundraisers, was named DNC finance chair. (Photo/Getty Images )

Henry R. Muñoz attends NALEO’s 30th annual conference

Henry R. Muñoz III made history in January when he became the first Latino elected Democratic National Committee Finance Chair. Now Muñoz will join Latino policymakers at one of the nation’s largest gatherings, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Official’s (NALEO) 30th Annual Conference in Chicago.

“As we saw in 2012, the values of the Democratic Party are shared by the Latino Community,” said Muñoz in a statement.  “This conference is a wonderful opportunity to further our ongoing dialogue of how we can continue to move our country forward and make sure middle class families have the tools they need to succeed.”

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The three-day conference is set to feature more than 1,000 Latino public officials and supporters from communities across the nation.  The agenda includes panel discussions from policy leaders about various issues including immigration reform, education, healthcare, climate change and an overview of the growing Latino influence in the Midwest.

Members at the conference will be gathered to discuss the ongoing debate on the comprehensive immigration reform legislation and the recent Supreme Court decisions of the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action.

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Last year’s conference included addresses by President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, the first time both candidates addressed the same Latino audience.

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Muñoz is a San-Antonio based businessman and philanthropist and was also heavy involved  in President Obama’s re-election campaign last year. He also organized the Latino Inaugural 2013 Kennedy Center performance which included high-profile Latino stars such as Ricky Martin and Rita Moreno.

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