Forget the Alamo: Texas official tells Latino boxer to take his promo tour elsewhere

It’s being called the fight of the year in boxing, and the two fighters will be in Alamo Plaza tomorrow to promote the bout. But the Texas Land Commissioner, who manages the Alamo, says the event desecrates the hallowed ground where brave Texans died.

The title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez will be fought in Las Vegas in September, but as part of a promotional tour, they’ll have a news conference Monday night in Alamo Plaza.  On Sunday, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson delivered a sucker-punch to San Antonio for allowing the event.

In a press release Patterson says, “This would not happen at Gettysburg. Alamo Plaza is where Bowie and Travis fell. It should be treated as the hallowed ground that it is.”

Patterson has been trying to promote a more dignified, historical atmosphere in Alamo Plaza. He claims it was his objection that led the city to prevent rapper Kanye West from projecting one of his videos onto the Alamo a few weeks ago.

Patterson said via phone Sunday evening, “We need to stop and look at every single event that occurs there and say, ‘Is this really appropriate?’ And in my opinion, it’s not. Others may have a different opinion.”

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