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College students: What are you doing the rest of the summer?

It can be hard being away from college during the summer. No more classes or late-night study sessions. You have a lot of free time to do anything you want – but you might not want all that free time, especially if you did not get that internship or job you wanted.  But don’t get down, because there are still ways you can do something useful for the rest of the summer.

So get off that couch because here are 4 ways to have a rewarding summer:


There are so many ways and places a person can volunteer. Find a cause you feel passionate about, and search their websites for any volunteer opportunities. Also, visit your local community center or Boys and Girl Club and ask if there are any opportunities to help out. Volunteering does not always mean you have to look for organizations with a worthy cause. If you are interested in the movie industry, for example, there are volunteer opportunities for event set-ups. You might discover your true career calling and even realize you want to change majors. These kinds of volunteer positions are also a great addition to your resume.

Take an extra class:

Even though the school year is officially over and next semester is months away, the summer is a great time to start a new class. There may still be time to take a second session summer course you need to take to graduate, or you can take a class in something you are interested in. If you are a foodie, search for places in your neighborhood that offer cooking and baking classes. Take a class in CPR.  It’s never too late to learn something new and it will keep you very busy during the summer.  

Take some time to organize yourself:

During the school year there is barely any time to sleep. Summer is a great time to begin organizing for a new year. After getting your financial aid packet, make sure to start budgeting your expenses. College can be very expensive but going into next semester with a plan can make the transition easier. If you are working full-time or babysitting on the weekends make sure to spend your money wisely and save some up for the school year. Also take this time to organize yourself for the fall. Whether you are considering applying for Fall internships or looking for a job during the school year, you should use this time to research, apply and build your resume accordingly. This also may be your first year going to college. Make a list of things you will need to take to school, new places around college you want to visit, and things you may want to do the first month of school before the workload becomes unbearable.

Try new things, explore new places:

Is there a neighborhood you have always wanted to check out? Or a restaurant you have always wanted to go eat at? Summer is the best time to try new things! Grab a group of your friends and plan a trip to a new city or a new place and explore. If you do not want to take your friends then plan a trip by yourself. You’ll be surprised at the amazing things you can discover in a new place.

Kelly Carrion, a broadcast journalism major at Boston University, is an NBC Latino summer intern.    

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